Sven Van Der Meer (Waterford Institute of Technology, Ireland) - Management of Smart Spaces

Date: May 5th 2004, 2pm

Room: Noguez (C769)


This presentation introduces the M-Zones approach for the integrated management of distributednetworks, services and applications within Smart Spaces. The main objective of this approach is therealisation of software, systems and services that address composition, scalability, reliability androbustness as well as autonomous self-adaptation. It focuses on middleware for management, control anduse of fully distributed resources. The term integration refers to the task of unifying existinginstrumentations for middleware and management, not their replacement.

The rationale of this work stems from the fact, that the current situation of Smart Spaces andmanagement systems can be described with the term interworking. The actually needed integration ofmanagement and middle-ware concepts is still an open issue. However, identified trends incommunications and computing demand for integrated concepts rather than the definition of newinterworking scenarios.

The approach is discussed in three steps. First, a general framework is defined based on thehypothesis and an evaluation of the target environments. The second step is the derivation of aconception for ubiquitous management from this general framework. The last step is the realisation ofthis architecture and its exploitation.