Y.C Tay (National University of Singapore) - A Model for Analyzing the Interaction Between Bandwidth Demand and Supply

Date: November 2nd 2004, 2:00-3:00 pm

Room: Noguez


The Internet has performed admirably wellin coping with an exponential growth in traffic volume.Much credit for this robustnessgoes to TCP's congestion control mechanisms.However, TCP only controls the flow in a connection,whereas the number of connections is controlled by users.Borrowing terminology from economics,TCP controls bandwidth supply whilethe user controls bandwidth demand,and their equilibrium determines the network state.

There is already a huge literature on modeling bandwidth supply,but very little has been done for bandwidth demand.This talk models separately this supply and demand,and use them to analyze the interactionbetween network and user behavior,and their complementary roles in Internet congestion.

(This is work in progress, done in collaboration with Robert Morris.)


Y.C. Tay received his B.Sc. degree from the University of Singaporeand Ph.D. degree from Harvard University. He has a joint appointmentwith the Departments of Mathematics and Computer Scienceat the National University of Singapore.

His main research interest is performance modeling(transaction processing, multimedia load-sharing, parallel rendering,wireless access and page replacement).