Andrea Goldsmith (Stanford University) - Design Challenges in Future Wireless Networks


Wireless systems of the future must support ubiquitous multimedia communications between people as well as devices. Indeed, it is predicted that people will soon be a minority in wirless networks, with sensor networks, smart homes, automated highways and factories, and other such device networks dominating wireless network traffic. Such wireless systems will have enormous variation in their device capabilities, network requirements, and application demands, giving rise to significant wireless network design challenges.

This talk will provide a broad overview of our research in addressing these challenges. We will first propose a general multilayer framework for wireless network protocol design, along with some emerging themes from our research in this area. Fundamental capacity limits of ad hoc networks will be discussed, along with some results on how these limits can be used to improve MAC protocol design. The talk concludes with a discussion of the particular design challenges in energy-constrained wireless networks, and wireless network designs for distributed control.