Ivan Gojmerac (Forschungszentrum Telekommunikation Wien / Telecommunications Research Center Vienna) - Adaptive Multipath Routing for Dynamic Traffic Engineering

Date: July 16th 2004, 2pm

Room: Noguez (C769)


Efficient routing algorithms have always been among the core building blocks of any packet switchingnetwork. Whereas most routing protocols have primarily been designed for achieving network roBustness andfast network convergence in the case of failures, the research interest in the routing of Internet traffichas recently extended towards traffic engineering, i.e., performance optimization of operational networks.Currently, there exists a plethora of competing proposals for traffic engineering, many of which requireadditional network management efforts, or introduce significant amounts of signaling information into thenetwork. We propose Adaptive Multi-Path routing (AMP) as a simple algorithm for dynamic traffic engineeringwithin individual Internet domains. In contrast to related multipath routing proposals, AMP does not employa global perspective of the network in each node. It restricts available information to a local scope, whichopens the potential of reducing signaling overhead and memory consumption in routers. Having implemented AMPin ns-2, the algorithm is compared to standard routing strategies for two realistic simulation scenarios.The results demonstrate the stability of AMP as well as the significant performance gains achieved.