In this section we present the major research axes developed in Euronetlab, as well as the corresponding projects we are involved in.

Research axis (group leader: Serge Fdida)

Modeling and Performance evaluation (coordinator: Perfs@rp.lip6.fr)
Metrology (coordinator: Metrology@rp.lip6.fr)
Content networks (coordinator: Olivier Fourmeaux)
Self-Organizing Networks (coordinator: Marcelo Amorim)

Research Projects

RNRT Research Projects

INFRADIO - "InfRadio" an experimental radio infrastructure with native IPv6, deployed on the campus of the Pierre et Marie Curie University (Paris 6) at Jussieu.
metaltrap.ru . http://downloadmetal.ru . www.rushessay.com . agen togel online

IROISE - "Integrating metropolitan and local-area wireless networks": Iroise couples LMDS (Local Multipoint Distribution System), otherwise known as WMAN (Wireless Metropolitan Area Network) technology with WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) technology, to create seamless radio coverage for residential and professional clients in an urban setting.

AIRNET - "Mobility and interoperability in wireless infrastructure": conceive and implement an interconnection infrastructure relying on wireless local networks using public license frequencies.

SVP - "Watch and Warn": SVP addresses the understanding, the conception, and the implementation of an integrated ambient architecture that would ease the optimization in the deployment of surveillance and prevention services in different types of dynamic networks.

CELTIC Projects

BOSS - "On Board Wireless Secured Video Surveillance":The BOSS project aims at developing an innovative and bandwidthefficient communication system to transmit large data rate communications between public transport vehicles and the wayside to answer to the increasing need from Public Transport operators for new and/or enhanced on-board functionality and services, such as passenger security and exploitation such asremote diagnostic or predictive maintenance.

French Pôle de compétitivité

Digital Life- Cap Digital - GIGACOM : Gigacom is high-bandwidth "in-vivo" lab that allows experimenting new and emergent technological solutions.